Rasa Yoga

Online Teacher Training
with Sianna Sherman

6 Modules of Progressive Study to Transform your Teaching & Knowledge of Yoga

Launching 2017

Rasa means essence, or flavor, representing the juiciness of life.

Rasa Yoga is a garland of the practices of yoga; standing as a soul compass for dedicated students and teachers who wish to ignite their evolutionary growth. With essential teaching skills, sacred wisdom & practical tools to support you on & off the mat, Rasa Yoga aims to guide you on the path of your own Dharma (Divine Life Purpose).

The essential teaching skills will offer a lifetime of practical tools and sacred wisdom to support you on the path of your Dharma.

Rasa Yoga is for teachers seeking to refine their skills AND, dedicated practitioners who wish to immerse themselves in the practices of yoga. The program offers a Soulful and integrated approach to serve as the catalyst for radical change and growth in your life.
Rasa Yoga Online Teacher Training

Rasa Yoga Online Teacher Training

The online teacher training includes 6 modules of potent teachings to complement content offered in the 200-hour & 300-hour live Rasa Yoga teacher trainings. The Rasa Yoga online teacher training is for dedicated students & teachers who wish to deepen their understanding of the yoga in the way of practice and teaching. This online training offers continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance as non-contact hours. The Rasa Yoga online program is perfect for teachers who wish to continue their studies with Sianna and the Rasa Yoga Faculty. The hours earned in the online program will also count towards the Rasa Yoga 1,008-hour Soul Alchemy Training.

GROUND TO GROW - Ganesha Module   +

- Foundation of Integrated Asana Practice
- Essential tenents of Yoga Philosophy
- Practical Application of Ancient Teachings

REVEAL YOUR SOUL - Lakshmi Module   +
- Enter into Heart Asana Practices
- How to Sequence a Yoga Class
- Bring life to Shapes & Forms of Yoga Poses
- Biomechanics & Functional Anatomy
- Therapeutics & Body Temple Alignment 
SERVE WITH LOVE - Hanuman Module   +

- Initiates the Bold Leap as a Yoga Teacher
- Integration of asana biomechanics, adjustments, class themes, basic anatomy, & yoga philosophy
- Teach as an Embodied Vessel of Living Wisdom


- Stabilize Commitment to the practices of yoga
- Study & Practical application of the Teachings of Tantra Yoga Philosophy
- Say YES to your Transformative Growth Edge
- Refinement of key Rasa Yoga Teaching Skills
- Explore Key Patterns of Movement in Asana
- Understand the Art of Sequencing

PLAY THE EDGE - Krishna Module   +

- Initiate the Spirit of Play & Creativity
- Gain Confidence in your Teaching Skills
- Refine your Authentic Voice

IGNITE YOUR MAGIC - Shiva-Shakti Module   +

- Magnetize the cumulative practices for excelled Teaching
- Ultimate Refinement of the Teacher
- Anchor as a Clear Vessel of Embodied Transmission
- Meticulous Refinement of all Rasa Yoga teaching methods

Rasa Yoga 1008 Teacher Training Program

A Fire & Nectar School of Soul Alchemy

The Rasa Yoga 1008 Teacher Training is a deep Soul Immersion where skill, ingenuity, and soulful creative expression come together in a modern day yoga mystery school. Dive into powerful studies that combine both the logical mind with intuitive flow, the scientific with the mystical traditions, and the conscious with the subconscious to unlock the creative energy of you. We offer a wide spectrum of courses to bridge the teachings of the ancient past with contemporary insight.

You can become a certified RYT yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance accredited 200-hour and 300-hour in-person Rasa Yoga trainings. Continue your evolution in our 1,008-hour Soul Immersion program with this online course and in-person training modules with the Rasa Yoga Heart Tribe Faculty.

Quotation Marks"Sianna provides vital teachings for today's yoga culture. She is able to bridge the gap of heart-centered teaching, an honoring of Spirit and a mastery of the technical. Her deep well of knowledge is a gift for students throughout the world."Quotation Marks
– Yoshi Aono