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The Mythic Yoga Flow® Master Course is being released as a Limited Edition Flash Drive and Booklet. Featuring 33+ hours with progressive asana sequences and the full mythic retelling for each of the 14 deities, plus guided mantra, mudra, and pranayama, for every deity. The course includes pose breakdowns with modifications and adjustments for all practitioners. The 60+ page booklet features every myth, mantra, mudra, pranayama, and key teachings for each deity in the course.

The Mythic Yoga Flow® Master Course Limited Edition Flash Drive & Booklet
Only 1,008 copies are available!   


Mythic Yoga Flow is a soulful journey to ignite magic in your body, mind and heart with the stories and practices of yoga. Learn the myths and legends of warriors, deities, sages, animals, heroes and heroines of the yoga tradition. In this mythopoetic experience, yoga asana is activated and enlivened with myth, mantra, mudra, music, meditation and the realms of inner magic. Each class features a special guest deity to welcome you into the sacred pilgrimage of your body temple, awakening the power of metamorphosis from deep within.

Sianna Sherman’s signature vinyasa offering, Mythic Yoga Flow is where the elements of Tantra come to life in a creative and dynamic asana flow. This is a fluid-form experience with alignment skillfully infused into the garland of practice, weaving poses on the thread of the breath. You are guided on an alchemical journey where the dance of soma and psyche are at play. Be inspired by the ancient and the modern practices of yoga to ignite magic in your own mythic journey of life.

Themes for Life
Mythic meets Modern
Compendium of Asana & Biomechanics
Creative Sequencing for your Body, Mind & Heart
14 Deities – 14 Myths – 14 Mantras – 14 Mudras – 14 Portals of Magic
BONUS - Body Temple Prayer with continuous chanting of the Gayatri Mantra

This Master Course is for every dedicated student & teacher of yoga. In this progressive course, you will study in great detail fourteen deities from the yoga tradition through video content and guided asana practices. Each class features a special guest deity to welcome you into the sacred pilgrimage of your body temple, igniting the power of asana, mantra, myth & mudra from deep within. The 33+ hours of embodied asana and deep spiritual practices is a great supplement for any teacher who wishes to activate their offerings in a powerful way.

Your Mythic Yoga Flow journey includes: 

BODY TEMPLE PRAYER – with Gayatri Mantra
GANESHA – Trust the Journey
LAKSHMI – Rise with Beauty
SARASWATI – Listen to your Intuition
AGNI - Ignite your Power
VIRABHADRA – Invoke your Courage
DURGA – Ride the Tiger
KRISHNA – Play the Edge
NATARAJA - Unleash your Bliss
HANUMAN - Leap with Love
GAYATRI - Illuminate your Mind
KALI - Transform your Fear
TARA - Nourish the Heart
BUDDHA - Ground into Self
SHIVA - SHAKTI - Unite the Opposites 

Over 2 years in the making, this offering is truly a Master Course and a synthesis of Sianna Sherman's life’s work in yoga for the past 26 years.


Invite more MYTH, MANTRA, MUDRA & MAGIC into your life!

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May your Heroic Journey be ignited into the World!

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