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Fire & Nectar Practices

In Rasa Yoga, we cultivate this harmony through the cultivation of both Fire and Nectar practices.

In the yoga tradition, Agni is the god of fire, transformation, deep passion, and everything that ignites and activates us. Soma is the deity of nectar, the power of nourishment, integration, and that which cools us down and brings us into a place of acceptance, ease, and deep surrender.

In Tantra and in yoga, there is much consideration of creating balance in our lives and balance in our practices. The original scriptures of Tantra use Fire & Nectar as central metaphors for the spiritual life. Fire governs transformation; Nectar creates deep nourishment and flow.

If we only have fire in our practice and life, there may be great change, movement, and transformation, but we risk burning out! If we only cultivate deep relaxation and nectar, then we are nourished, but there is no activation, motivation, or change. We need both fire and nectar – one really cannot be without the other!

In an asana practice, we initiate fire through the use of skillful boundaries, proper alignment, muscle activation, and energizing practices that build heat and revitalize the body and mind. Fire provides a healthy assertiveness in the practitioner to show up fully, activate, participate, and take accountability for oneself.

As a teacher of yoga, fire may be cultivated to create confidence, clear and effective communication, discipline, charisma, and a warmth that radiates out to your students.

Nectar is developed in the physical practice through deep inner listening, relaxation, softening the outer edges, slow and graceful movements, staying intimate with the breath, creating a fascial, rhythmic connection with your intuitive body, and balancing effort with deep surrender.

For teachers, nectar is essential to stay spacious and loving, kind, and to have compassion and understanding for yourself and your students. Nectar practices are also necessary to avoid burnout and stay connected with your innermost heart and source of inspiration.

Both elements of fire and nectar are required not only to enhance our practice but also to strike balance in our lives. How are you cultivating both transformation and nourishment for both your practice and life?


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