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Architecture of a Rasa Yoga Practice

In Rasa Yoga, we hold a triadic vision for the creation of each practice or class. This really came from an interview when someone asked me what I do personally when I practice and I explained that in each practice, I always include Invocation, Embodiment, and Offering.

Invocation is the remembrance to call out to the Highest at the beginning of practice. This is the opening attunement with the greater field of Love. It is when we connect to Source. There is a conscious connection with the PranaShakti , the creative dance of the life force energy, and with Sankalpa, the highest intention for practice. Invocation cultivates the living prayer of the practice, coalescing Spirit with body, mind and heart. In the physical practice the invocation includes connecting with the Spirit of the Breath and setting a clear and proper foundation.

Call out to the Highest & everything else follows in its wake!

Embodiment is the assimilation and tangible expression of the practices in the Body Temple as living wisdom. Sankalpa and Sadhana are woven together on the thread of the breath with mantra, mudra, asana, pranayama, meditation, inquiry, insight, dance, song, ceremony and prayer. Breath by breath and day by day, the practices are absorbed, digested and assimilated in a harmonious way. There is no need to force or push an agenda into embodiment. This is a journey that honors the Body Temple with rhythm, nourishment and compassionate wisdom. The seed is planted, the roots grow, the sprout awakens, the stem stretches, the leaves unfurl, the flower blossoms and the fruit bears seeds to nourish the cycle all over again.

Offering is the devotional gift of the practice for the Benefit of All Beings. Through practice, one generates blessing energy and makes this an offering to the greater whole. When the fruits of practice are offered with true devotion, the heart melts, resistance dissolves and the limited thought patterns of the conditioned mind relinquish their tight hold. The oblation of the practice is like liquid love pouring through one's being with Pure Motive, for the Benefit of All Beings. In the end, no matter what, make it all an offering of love!

Invocation, Embodiment, and Offering help to make every practice a sacred and integrated experience. Experiment with this architecture of practice and discover how it helps you both personally and as a teacher of yoga.

Watch this short video clip to hear me discuss what Invocation, Embodiment, and Offering mean to me.


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