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200-Hour Rasa Yoga Teacher Training

Nov 9, 2017

with Greta Hill and Special Guests

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Join Greta and a heart tribe collective of special guests for this special opportunity to deepen your yoga practice and learn the essential skills to become a great teacher. The Rasa Yoga training is registered with Yoga Alliance and provides a comprehensive foundation in the art and practice of teaching soulful and skillful vinyasa yoga. This 200-hour training draws from a wealth of knowledge and fundamental tools necessary to develop the heart, gifts and unique voice of each teacher. Rasa Yoga aims to guide you on the path of your own Dharma (Divine Life Purpose) with essential teaching skills, sacred wisdom and practical tools to support you on and off the mat.
Dive deeply into powerful studies that combine both the logical mind with intuitive flow, the scientific with the mystical traditions, and the conscious with the subconscious to unlock the creative energy of you.

What is Rasa Yoga?

Rasa Yoga is a revolutionary style of yoga that is a bhakti fusion of creative vinyasa flow, sacred alignment, myth, mantra, mudra, meditation, and ritual. Inspired by a deep desire to grow, Rasa Yoga is modern day flow style of yoga infused with technique, spirit and sacred intention.
Rasa Yoga was founded by internationally celebrated teacher Sianna Sherman as a platform for transformation dedicated to the love of yoga, community, creativity, and soul alchemy. The teachings can be applied to both vinyasa and hatha yoga classes

Who is this training for?

This training is for yoga teachers seeking to refine their skills AND dedicated practitioners who wish to immerse themselves in the practices of yoga. The program offers a soulful and integrated approach to serve as the catalyst for radical change and growth in your life. You will be given all the tools you need to grow into a skillful and successful teacher of yoga as well as radically evolve your practice and transform your life.

Topics Covered include (but not limited to):

  • Sankalpa – crafting root intentions for your practice, teaching, and life
  • Sadhana – foundational practices for a yogic life
  • Vinyasa Flow – initiating creative, satisfying, inspired flows connected to breath
  • Foundation & Form– intelligent alignment & key biomechanics of 108 yoga poses
  • Functional Anatomy – an integrated vision of the human body & essential anatomy for yogis
  • Meditation Fundamentals – learn to practice and teach 4 different meditation styles: awareness, focused concentration, self discovery/transcending & energy
  • Pranayama – learn to practice and teach a wide variety of beginning through advanced breathing techniques
  • Subtle Body Anatomy – demystifying Chakras, Koshas, Prana Vayus, and Nadis
  • Mantras – the power of sacred sound
  • Mythology – stories of the gods and goddesses from the yoga tradition that bring the practice to life and provide everyday inspiration for modern times
  • Mudras – Sacred hand gestures or seals
  • Bandhas – energetic locks for asana
  • Restorative & Yin Yoga – restful practices for deep healing
  • Yoga History & Philosophy– study key teachings from sacred texts: Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, and a sample of tantric texts
  • Intro to Sanskrit – basic pronunciation for asana poses and common chants
  • Intro to Ayurveda – the yogic way to health and wellness
  • Art of Teaching – setting class themes, voice & effective communication, demonstrations, use of music, verbal and physical adjustments and more
  • Progressive Sequencing – intelligent & creative maps to sequencing
  • Sacred Space– the art of holding space & creating ritual
  • Coaching for Teachers– shadow work, hero & heroine’s journey, keys to confidence, wellness, abundance mentality and nutrition
  • Business of Yoga – professionalism, marketing, creating workshops and trainings, teaching privates, building community, standing out in a crowded market
Dates 2017/18
  • Nov 9-12 **
  • Nov 17-19
  • Dec 1-3
  • Dec 8-10
  • Dec 15-17
  • Jan 5-7
  • Jan 12-15 **
  • Jan 26-28
  • Feb 2-4
  • Feb 9-11 **retreat outside Seattle
**special hours apply these weekends, see below


  • Fridays 6-9pm
  • Saturdays 11:30-7pm
  • Sundays 9-4pm
  • **Thursday Nov 9th 6-9pm (opening circle)
  • **Friday Nov10th 1-7pm (veterans day)
  • **Monday Jan 15th 10-5pm (martin luther king day)
Required Reading:
  • Light on Yoga – BKS Iyengar
  • Yoga Resource Practice Manual – Darren Rhodes
  • Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – any translation
  • The Bhagavad Gita – Eknath Easwaran
  • Wheels of Life – Anodea Judith
  • Yoga Anatomy – Leslie Kaminoff
Recommended Reading:
  • Dynamic Stillness – Swami Chetanananda
  • Meditation for the Love of it – Sally Kempton
  • Loving What Is – Byron Katie
  • Spiritual Bypassing – Robert Augustus Masters
  • Healing Mantras – Thomas Ashley-Farrand
  • True to Form – Dr. Eric Goodman
  • Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing – Dr. Vasant Lad
Guest Teachers:
  • Sianna Sherman (Ignite Magic!)
  • Claudette Evans (Sanskrit)
  • Alli Shafer (Mantra & Mudra)
  • Sonya Genel (Anatomy)
  • And more…Details coming soon
Payment Policies:
  • $500 Deposit is non-refundable.
  • All Final payments are due by the applicable deadlines.
“Greta Hill is a most Radiant Yogini, Master teacher, and Priestess. Her knowledge is both vast and deep with profound understanding how to live yoga in the whole of life. She is a true leader of community and transmits the Spirit of Yoga through her words, heart, and actions. Greta is a leading teacher of Rasa Yoga and the first initiated teacher to offer the 300-hour Teacher Training for the Rasa Yoga “Soul Alchemy” School. She is an expert guide for yoga teachers to refine their skills and step into full power with joyful authenticity. Greta has my full trust and her dedication to transformation with the “wish to grow” is a tremendous inspiration for me.” – Sianna Sherman, international yogini: visionary of Rasa Yoga & Mythic Yoga Flow; co-founder of Urban Priestess

“If you are looking for a yoga training that will fully empower you, or if you just want to refine your practice and deeply understand the teachings of yoga, I recommend you consider training with Greta Hill. Studying with Greta was a true journey of empowerment and personal growth. I have deep gratitude for Greta and for her teachings, she knows how to touch our hearts and transform our lives. Through this amazing training, Greta expresses all the love she has for yoga and teaches with her graceful personality, full of sweetness, clarity, depth and truth.” – Eduardo Monteiro, yoga teacher; Sao Paulo

“Having the opportunity to do my yoga training course with Greta Hill was simply wonderful. Greta is a very honest teacher and for this reason she passes along knowledge with very high quality, both the physical as well as spiritual components of the practice. My personal practice and teaching have become much richer by studying and practicing with her. Since 2009 I recognize her as my primary teacher and my source of inspiration. I can say that her classes are a true blend of: sweetness, precision, strength, quality, heart, integrity. I recommend her training 100%!” – Ana Paula Surita, owner of Bem Estar Wellness spa, nutritionist and yoga teacher; Brasilia

“I received my 200 hour certification with Greta in 2012 and have continued to study closely with her ever since. In addition to radically transforming my physical yoga practice and understanding the poses in greater detail, we also dove deeply into several areas of teaching, such as sequencing, theming, philosophy, and planning workshops. Greta always provided an open and safe space for us to grow. She often challenged us to turn within for answers, to cultivate not only the physical practice, but also meditation, contemplation and self-study. This allowed me to learn, explore and expand mentally, physically and creatively. I can honestly say that this training has profoundly transformed me as a student and teacher of yoga. I now have more confidence as a teacher, and I finally feel as though I am speaking and teaching from my own experience, in my own voice, from my heart.” – Marjan Harbison, yoga teacher & health coach, Panama City

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