Ignite Magic Tour

Rasa Yoga - IGNITE MAGIC! 2017 TOUR

May 2-4, 2017

Rasa Yoga, Mythic Yoga Flow® Agni & Soma Teachings

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May 3-4 TriYoga Camden, London UK

2.5hr - £45
3 hrs - £50
4 sessions - £170

Link for registration - www.triyoga.co.uk/camden

Sianna Sherman

RASA YOGA Ignite Magic Tour with Sianna Sherman + special guest Masood Ali Khan
wed 03 – thu 04 may 2017
triyoga camden
see below for levels
£170 for all 4
Join Sianna for two days of embodied practice, prayer, live music and community connection. Student or teacher, come as your are - there is something for everyone. Let's gather as Heart Tribe and have fun!

Agni + soma: fire + nectar flow

Wednesday, wed 03 may 2017 10.00am – 1.00pm
Awaken your heart fire and nourish your body in this Rasa Yoga sacred fusion of Agni & Nectar flows. Transform your fear with arm balances, brighten the vision of your heart with backbends, and bathe in the nectar with hips, forward folds and meditation.

* Sacred Sound Vibration with Mantra
* Life Force expansion with Pranayama
* Sacred Seals for the subtle body with Mudra
* Agni asana with standing poses, arm balances & backbends
* Nectar asana with hips, forward folds, inversions & seated meditation

The alchemy of yoga holds the essential understanding that a balanced yoga practice is both Fire + Nectar. The heating aspect of the practice is called tapasya – “that which heats up” or agni – “fire” and the cooling aspect of the practice is called soma – “moonlight” or that which offers the nectar of the practice. Agni + Soma together offer a balanced energy so the yogi both burns away the dross and receives nourishment through the practices. Without fire in the practice, there is no transformation. Without coolness in the practice, then the yogi can burn out. Fire + Nectar are the complementary opposites and the yogi cultivates both in practice and life.

Activation for yoga teachers: art of theming with myth, meaning + magic

Wednesday, wed 03 may 2017 2.30pm – 5.30pm
Learn to create your class themes with a profundity and play. Craft meaningful messages that move the heart and inspire the practices of yoga from inside out. Thematic classes serve the opening of insight, deep feeling, personal understanding, self-inquiry and universal truth. A skillful theme builds a solid anchor for the students to ground into their practice and facilitates a greater cohesive feeling in the community practicing together.

In this Activation for yoga teachers, Sianna will guide a Fire + Nectar alchemical practice followed by an interactive session to help cultivate the following:
* Weave your theme through a class
* Trust in your voice
* Awaken myth & metaphor
* Touch the heart through your story
* Discover the power of the Personal & Universal
* Unpack your theme with street language
* Apply your theme to breath and biomechanics
* Ignite Magic with your words

The theme serves as a potent reminder that the practice of yoga is happening in every day life, on and off the mat. Learn to trust your authentic voice, your embodied wisdom and the magic that is YOU!

Please bring a notebook and pen.

All Levels Welcome: dedicated students, aspiring teachers, seasoned teachers and anyone interested in the art of voice with creative play.

Ride the Tiger - Durga advanced practice

Thursday, thu 04 may 2017 10.00am – 1.00pm
What do you really want?
Are you willing to transform?
What is the legacy you wish to leave behind?

Yoga liberates the creative power within the practitioner, setting it free so we can bring forth our legacy to the world. This requires determination and bravery, which are primary qualities of the goddess Durga. Durga rides the tiger and fortifies the yogi with tenacity, strength and the courage to manifest dreams into being. Open up your tiger paws for a sweaty, fun and transformative practice of arm balances, backbends and spontaneous play. This Durga practice is in service to individual activation and the collective power of real change.

Prerequisites: A regular practice of handstand and full wheel pose; this will be a strong, sweaty and fun practice. Please, no major therapeutic concerns.

Alchemy of Love - rasa lila flow

Thursday, thu 04 may 2017 3.00pm – 5.30pm
Myth, mantra, mudra + magic with special guest Masood Ali Khan

This workshop is a divine date with your inner beloved! Ignite the flame of Love with your Inner Beloved in this alchemical journey of yoga. Be enchanted by the stories and soundscape while weaving asana with myth, mantra and mudra on the thread of the breath. Masood plays the hang drum for your asana flow while Sianna tells the stories and leads you through an alchemical practice to cultivate you as the Vessel of Love. The fusion of mantra and mudra creates a positive flow of energy through your whole being. Together Sianna & Masood co-create a Temple of Love for you to be in a divine dance with your Inner Beloved and in celebration of the Heart Tribe community.

* Vision & Prayer
* Fire & Nectar Asana
* Community Activation
* Deities, Saints & Sages
* Mantras & Spirit Songs
* Stories, Myths & Legends
* Live Music with Hang Drum
* Mudras for Love, Heart & Union
* Meditation for the Healing of Humanity
* Celebration of the Divine Date with your Beloved
* Beltane Festivities in honor of the Wheel of the Year

"There’s no greater love with the Divine if you cannot love yourself" Masood Ali Khan


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