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Love, wisdom, empowerment, ingenuity, creativity, and collaboration are the key guiding principles of the Sianna Sherman Academy. We believe in a win-win paradigm where each person’s mastery is celebrated and the mystery of the soul’s journey is honored. We strive to embody the qualities of dedication, commitment, integrity, skillful action, surrender, trust and play as we all grow together in community. Our vision is that everyone thrives by living their dharma, their highest vibration soul path, and brings forth their particular gifts to the collective whole. We recognize that each team member has special strengths and as a team, we are greater than the sum of the parts.

Our mission is to facilitate the embrace of the pure creative energy that lives within every person and offer powerful tools of transformation to activate this energy into manifestation for the Benefit of All Beings.

We believe that every human being has a soul medicine to contribute to the world. The Sianna Sherman Academy is a network of leading edge visionaries who are helping people tap into their gifts and breathe life into their potential. This is a modern-day yoga mystery school with an emphasis on integrative spiritual practices to guide the seeker in the discovery of their own inner wisdom and sacred heart flame. It is our intention to offer a masterful platform of practices to help transform the person from within. We teach people how to honor the dark and light of their soul’s journey and live with trust, courage and love. We stand for individual and collective transformation and the principle that we All Belong to Each Other in this living ecosystem of Spirit and Matter.

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Beryl Herrin, M.Ed

Director of Operations, Coach & Mentor

My life has been transformed by yoga and contemplative traditions. When I stepped into my first yoga class in Miami in 1978 I discovered a whole new way of being in my body and being in the world. Over the years I saw more of my own voice emerge, my own life blossom. Though mind, body, and spiritual practices I have found my suffering dissolve and my gratitude heighten. I have gone from victim to heroine. From tears of sadness to tears of laughter.

I have aligned my life to be of service, helping people discover their own truth, well being and joy. I am a Life Coach, the former owner of Yoga Evolution in Jenkintown, PA until I sold everything, picked up and moved to Los Angeles. With over 30 years of experience, I create a welcoming, safe, caring space for people to wake themselves up to life. I’ve been trained in Kundalini Yoga, Family Therapy, The Work of Byron Katie, Martha Beck Life Coaching, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Positive Psychology and and I have spent countless hours absorbing the living wisdom teachings and personal growth modalities. I am certified in both Kripalu and Anusara Yoga and have studied with the best and brightest teachers internationally. Sianna Sherman has been my main teacher, dear friend and mentor for over a decade. I have found that lovingly working with the mind, moving the body, and moving into stillness, the beauty of our essence becomes more present and our joy and gratitude for life heightens.

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Traci Keen

Finance and Number Wizard

Traci Keen has a background in corporate finance and works as a consultant to build financial and organization structure and efficiency. She helps businesses of all sizes to maintain accurate and timely financial oversight. Click here to visit her site.

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Alli Shafer

Tour Manager, Content Marketing & Digital Brilliance

Through her awakening into the realms of yoga, Alli has uncovered a deep love for movement, mantra, mythology, the teachings of Tantra & the remembrance it provides for us all. Her own offerings open space for healing and an authentic commitment to self,  the richness of story telling and the sacred nature of divine play.

Alli’s unraveling into the world of yoga began in 2009, following years of elite athletics as a triathlete. Through practice and devoted study, yoga quickly became her everything. After her first teacher training, clarity captured her heart, through the callings of Anusara yoga - a calling that would eventually lead her to Sianna Sherman, her most influential teacher. Alli met Sianna shortly after at a Wanderlust festival in Whistler, Canada. Alli served as Sianna's lead apprentice from August 2014 - August 2016, travelling worldwide, she is a lead teacher for Rasa Yoga and has over 1,000 contact hours of study with Sianna.

Most deeply, Alli embraces the practices of yoga as one big prayer, circling this wheel of life; prayers of heart, of power, of embodied offering, and of deep reverence, devotion wonder and love.

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Allie Rae

Digital Marketing & Online Launch Coordinator