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“Sianna provides vital teachings for today’s yoga culture. She is able to bridge the gap of heart-centered teaching, an honoring of spirit and a mastery of the technical. Her deep well of knowledge is a gift for students throughout the world.”

In Gratitude, Yoshi Aono
Managing Director, Hanuman Festival

“During my first meeting with Sianna, I was immediately drawn to her by her loving light energy which went straight to my heart. Her diverse wealth of experienced based “earth knowledge’ makes her uniquely special among Yoga teachers. I felt lucky to have met her in Hong Kong.”

- Kish Pagarani
Founder & Publisher of Yogalife
(the middle east’s first Mind / Body/ Spirit magazine)

“What makes a great teacher? There are many things – but one quality that stands out for me is the leader who humbly empowers the student, pointing out the beauty in what they can do. I am always impressed when I see beginners fearlessly participating in Sianna’s challenging class. This says so much, when a nurturing space is created for non-competing blossoming of each individual.”

- Robert Sturman